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Session 13: Day Drunk

  • The Jade Forest 2148 Newnan Street Atlanta, GA, 30344 United States (map)

Welcome To The Jade Forest!

The Jade Forest invites you to continue our tea journey together for another amazing tea session. At the table we’ve talked about tea production and brewing methods, discussed health benefits, we’ve expounded on philosophy and tradition, shared space for group meditation, and we’ve gotten to know each other and laughed with strangers. Tea brings all of these great things into focus, but tea can also get you drunk. Faded, high, wavy, giggly, or whatever you’d like to call it, tea will make you feel good. Some teas are better at it than others, some will get you “Tea Drunk”.

This session will be all about the effects of tea, specifically, getting “Tea Drunk”. For such an occasion, we’re bringing to the table a couple of aged white teas, the 2015 Tai Lao Shan "Fuding Bai Cha" and the 2009 Jade Star 2. Great for the season in that they are sweet and subtle in their profile, but because they’ve been around for a while, they will get the job done!

It is thought that tea drunkenness is a result of the combination of caffeine and other molecules in tea, particularly L-theanine. Consumed without caffeine, L-theanine induces a very calm (and often very sleepy) state. In fact, L-theanine has been studied as a clinical anxiety-reducing medical treatment. However, when combined with caffeine, L-theanine is thought to increase the production of alpha waves in the brain, inducing a meditative state without making you tired.

With the feelings of euphoria, there can be a strong sense of focus and calm. Tea drinkers may experience acceptance of the world, a feeling of contentment, and pleasing lightheadedness or sense of floating. Others list effects such as a giggling, a bouncy feeling, a feeling of emotional bliss, a contemplative or philosophical mindset, or an introspective, sensitive mood. The overall effect is often described as a very Zen feeling. As with most experiences, these effects will vary by the individual, are hard to predict, and are impacted by a number of different factors. []

Tasting notes: apricots, honeydew melons, marzipan, plum wine, raisins, vegetal

Join us at the table as we go deep into session and share this medicine and the present moment.

*If you have a sensitivity to caffeine, please be considerate of your disposition.*

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2015 Tai Lao Shan "Fuding Bai Cha"

2015 Tai Lao Shan "Fuding Bai Cha"

2009 Jade Star II

2009 Jade Star II

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